Augmented Board Governance 

Notes & Annotations

With our powerful personal notes & confidential annotations features, you can edit, review, amend and take notes on all files inside the platform.

In a few clicks, administrators & chair committees can share or not their comments and notes to the rest of the board.

Stop sending your modifications by email and start digitalizing the most important asset of your organization by centralizing it on Govrn.

Like everything else in GOVRN, notes and annotations automatically sync between devices in real-time. So you can start your agenda review from your phone and pick up right where you left off on your laptop.

Review & annotate a document on any device !


100% digital & secured

No more paper or scan !

Our annotations features allow you to collaborate more effortlessly with the rest of the team !

Annotate with text, drawings, shapes, colors, signatures, stamps, sticky notes... 

Download the annotations

All annotations are fully personal & confidential. No one can see them unless you decide to share the annotated document.

You can download the documents with or without the annotations and share it using the private group or the news feed features.

Go 100% paperless with digital & confidential annotations & notes. 

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Personal notes

Highly secured


100% Paperless