Board agenda & events calendar – better board meetings better planned  

With our Agenda builder & events calendar, your Board knows exactly the topics and priorities of your meetings without missing any important information about the market, the competition and the industry trends. 

Build an effective agenda  

A successful board meeting is based on an accurate and efficient agenda. With Govrn, you can quickly build and share meeting agendas to give board members the content and tools they need to be fully engaged.

Inside the agenda builder, set up your agenda items including documents, votes & subject matters. 

Link documents Microsoft office & PDFs to your agenda

The Agenda builder creates an efficient library of documents that you can share with all meeting attendees with the click of a button so attendees can easily review key information beforehand. Therefore, your meetings will be prepared and reviewed in advance by your members who will know exactly what to expect, so they can come ready to participate with insightful discussion points.

Assign proxy to other members    

If you are not available for the next Board Meeting and need to be represented by another member, just assign a proxy easily in the calendar invite and the Board Administrators will be notified.

You can even attach the official company proxy document if required.