E-signature legally  recognized and complies with the European regulation eIDAS

Board e-seals made easy. 

 A certified electronic signature has the same legal value as a traditional paper document with a pen and ink signature. With e-signature, a signatory can attest his consent. Once approved then signed, a document can’t be modified without your consent.
It enables the identification of a signatory or the proof that he is the person he claims to be.

Any PDF document can be signed. It accelerates and simplifies the process.

The electronic signature is legally recognized and complies with the European regulation (eIDAS). It guarantees the complete security and traceability of your documents. It is now an essential business tool and it meets most of your needs. You can sign your documents from any device. Try the most intuitive, responsive and compliant digital experience.


E-Signature fully integrated

Keep the same credentials at all times

2-steps signature workflow

Document conservation with probative value

No need to juggle with different e-signature applications

eIDAS certified 

Archive signed documents

Instant completion certificate

Tailored e-signature sequence per board member