Votes & approvals management – more engagement for more board governance  

W ith our Votes & Polls Management feature, you can ask at anytime your board’s advices about the market, the competition and the industry trends. Do not wait until the next meeting or do not waste time trying to collect the info from various sources; you can centralize everything in our platform!

Create, assign, manage, organize, and track your most important votes & polls — everything happening inside the Govrn platform for better collaboration and less distraction.

Turn questions & doubts into actions and approvals   

Govrn provides a seamless & user-friendly platform to support directors who need to make high impact decisions from any device anywhere in the world at anytime. Govrn allows directors and leadership to organize, track, review, comment, and approve decisions. Your members know exactly what is expected for the next meeting and between the meetings. 

Keep the focus on the board decisions with upload, track, comment, approve, done.

  • Improve how your board makes decisions while ensuring compliance

  • Available from any Mobile devices & Computer

  • Attach Document to the Vote

  • Automated Compliance with Voting rights & reports

  • Start a Conversation about a Vote

Don't wait for your next meeting to make important decisions

Govrn platform brings in all the information your team needs to act efficiently. After your administrators create a vote or request an approval, your board of directors receives an instant notification by email and in the platform. They also have access to all necessary documentation for conversation & analysis. Do not wait until the next scheduled meeting & ask your directors to vote from anywhere in the world. 

Our Approval Management feature makes your Board more engaged and more productive