The software that empowers your board for directors who care.​

The most simple, intelligent and secure way to conduct your board meetings and committees. 



Ideal to connect board members with their company. In fact, the repository for all data, info and interactions among members.

Tom V.• Managing Partner SI GIMV

Stay connected at all times


The company's heartbeat. At all times. Just 1 click away.

Stop wasting precious time with board administration. With Govrn®, you focus on what really matters ! 

Promote a forward-looking agenda

Excellent CEOs & Chairpersons promote a board agenda that goes beyond traditional responsibilities to cover a broad range of topics, such as strategy, technology, talent and resilience. 

  • Govrn® promotes a forward-looking agenda;

  • Proactively fosters collaborations beyond the meeting;

  • Develops board capabilities and injects intelligence. 


Empower collective decision capabilities

Automated competitive insights 

Imagine a world where board members are actively fed with the lastest company market insights. Govrn® offers a top-notch business intelligence engine.


Shun risk & foresee valuable options

Mitigate new arising risks 

Board members should be thoughtful when considering their peers to join and enrich the mix of skills and expertise.

Risk oversight is a top governance priority of institutional investors and striving corporations. Today, investors are prompting corporations to oversee those crucial matters and require transparent disclosures of board activities & performance.