RETHINK Board Management.

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Stay connected at all times !


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Stop wasting precious time with board administration. With Govrn®, you focus on what really matters ! 

Promote a forward-looking agenda

Excellent CEOs & Chairmen promote a board agenda that goes beyond traditional responsibilities to cover a broad range of topics, such as strategy, technology, talent and resilience. 

  • Govrn® promotes a forward-looking agenda;

  • Proactively fosters collaborations beyond the meeting;

  • Develops board capabilities and injects intelligence. 


Empower collective decision capabilities

Automated competitive insights 

Imagine a world where board members are actively fed with the lastest company market insights. Govrn® offers a top-notch business intelligence engine.

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Shun risk & foresee valuable options

Mitigate new arising risks 

Board members should be thoughtful when considering their peers to join and enrich the mix of skills and expertise.

Risk oversight is a top governance priority of institutional investors and striving corporations. Today, investors are prompting corporations to oversee those crucial matters and require transparent disclosures of board activities & performance.