Making the most of your board members.

Granular user rights & accesses

With our board directory management feature, your board is continuously up to date with their respective rights and responsibilities. You have access to their profile including the picture and bio of each member of your board. Each board director gets to know the other board members so they can get things done more efficiently.

In a few clicks, administrators & chair committees can invite new board members and committee members.

Remove your board users or set their mandate date accordingly in order to better manage the access to the documentation and board materials.


Set committees and assign board members to their respective instances

Know who’s who on your board — each board member has their own unique profile.

Set the duration of the term 

Set of multiple roles - Board Administrator , Contributor and Guest

Access to a complete list of all board members in your organizations.

Contact individual board member directly from their profile.

Keep the same account (your email address) and have access to multiple board instances