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eSignature & eSeal

Legally recognized and compliant with the European regulation eIDAS, our e-signature solution streamlines your signing process. With our integrated feature, you can sign any PDF document securely and quickly, maintaining the same credentials at all times. 

Once approved and signed, a document can't be modified without your consent. This guarantees complete security and traceability of your documents, offering you the most intuitive, responsive, and compliant digital experience.

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The Power of E-Signature at Your Fingertips

In this rapidly digitalizing era, we provide you with robust e-signature and e-seal capabilities that not only accelerate your board's processes, but also enhance security and compliance. Explore the array of actions you can perform with our platform, each designed to make your document signing and sealing as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

Integrated Exprience

2-Factor Signature workflow 

Archived signed documents

eIDAS certified

Parallel Signature

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Deeply Integrated

Our e-signature solution is not a mere add-on, but a deeply integrated part of our platform. We've designed it to blend seamlessly with your workflows and processes, ensuring a smooth, frictionless experience. 

You don't need to juggle between different applications or worry about compatibility issues. Everything you need for document signing and sealing is housed in one user-friendly interface, streamlining operations and boosting productivity.

Complete Security and Traceability

Our e-signature feature ensures complete security and traceability for all your documents. Any document signed using our e-signature feature is fully compliant with the European regulation (eIDAS), giving it the same legal value as a traditional paper document with a pen and ink signature. 

This makes the feature an essential business tool for the modern, digital world.

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Accelerated Signature Process

Our two-step signature workflow makes signing documents faster than ever. The process is parallel, meaning all board members can sign at the same time, accelerating the signature process significantly. 

Once a document is signed, you receive an instant completion certificate. 

Long-Term Document Conservation

Our system not only facilitates e-signatures but also ensures the preservation of these vital documents. Document conservation with probative value is an integral part of our e-signature feature. 

Once signed, your documents are safely archived in a dedicated, secure environment. This means you have long-term, reliable access to all your signed documents, providing an effective way to track decisions, actions, and legal compliance over time.

Boost Your Board's Decision-Making with Govrn

Govrn merges top-tier security with inventive functionalities crafted to amplify your board's efficiency. Embark on your journey with Govrn and uncover unmatched security, insights, and productivity.

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