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The cornerstone of every successful board meeting is a well-crafted agenda. That's where Govrn's advanced Agenda Builder & Event Manager comes in. 

Seamlessly plan, schedule, and conduct effective board meetings. Be prepared and stay on track with Govrn.

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Effortlessly Shape Your Board Meeting 

Building an agenda goes beyond just gathering documents. Govrn provides administrators with powerful features for collaboration, co-authoring, duplicating meetings, and more. These tools streamline the process of creating comprehensive and actionable agendas, enabling you to focus more on strategic discussions and less on administrative tasks.

Template meetings

Synchronize with members' calendar 

Share Documents

Integrated Minutes Builder

Board motions & Discussions


Create Recurring Meetings with Custom Templates

Creating a new agenda from scratch each time can be time-consuming. With Govrn, streamline your process by setting up meeting templates for recurring meetings with similar agenda items. 

Simply add new documents into the template for a quick and efficient setup.

Seamlessly Distribute Essential Documents

Enable seamless sharing of vital documents and files with Govrn. Whether it's a market analysis report, financial statement, or strategic plan, you can share any file type with your board members in just a few clicks. This facilitates better preparation and informed decision-making during meetings. 

Furthermore, our robust security protocols ensure that your sensitive data is always protected. Equip your board with the knowledge they need, right when they need it, with Govrn's flexible document sharing feature.

Enhanced Minute Recording

Our integrated Minutes Builder is a dynamic tool designed to capture the crucial points of your board meetings. Its user-friendly interface allows you to take detailed notes in real-time, ensuring all decisions, discussions, and action items are accurately recorded. 

With this feature, you can easily generate comprehensive meeting minutes at the end of each session, fostering transparency and accountability within your board.

Never Miss a Meeting

With our advanced calendar synchronization feature, every board meeting, event, or key date can be effortlessly synced to your personal calendar.

Whether you're using Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or any other platform that supports .ics files, our feature ensures you stay updated with your board responsibilities. 

This automatic synchronization will help you keep track of upcoming meetings, deadlines, and tasks, ensuring you're always prepared and never miss an important event.

Boost Your Board's Decision-Making with Govrn

Govrn merges top-tier security with inventive functionalities crafted to amplify your board's efficiency. Embark on your journey with Govrn and uncover unmatched security, insights, and productivity.

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