Board Document Management Library 

Improve efficiency, security, and organization in your board meetings with our Board Document Management Library. This feature centralizes all board documents, creating a single source of truth. 

Now, there's no need for emails or mails carrying sensitive documents; keep all your crucial data digitalized, updated, and accessible through Govrn. Gain access to the most accurate and up-to-date information for your board of directors, every time.

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Harness the Power of Efficient Document Management 

From seamless document sharing to tracking modifications and updates, our document management feature is packed with capabilities that simplify your document-related tasks.

Access documents

Manage version of the document

Use a powerful search engine

Store legal documents

Start discussion

E-Sign document

Seamless Sharing and Updating

Say goodbye to the chaos of managing multiple versions of documents. Our document management feature enables you to easily upload, modify, and share the latest versions of your board's documents. 

Follow the different modifications and updates and ensure everyone is on the same page with the most accurate information.

Start Meaningful  Discussions

Discussions can make a big difference in decision-making. Our document management feature lets you start discussions with the rest of the board about specific documents, fostering a collaborative environment and ensuring everyone has a voice.

Sign & Annotate with Ease

Turn the tedious task of document review into an easy and efficient process. With our document management feature, you can annotate and highlight documents online, enhancing the clarity and understanding of the content. 

Moreover, e-signatures streamline the approval process, ensuring swift and secure approvals.

Boost Your Board's Decision-Making with Govrn

Govrn merges top-tier security with inventive functionalities crafted to amplify your board's efficiency. Embark on your journey with Govrn and uncover unmatched security, insights, and productivity.

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