Interactive News Feed

Our Interactive News Feed brings a new dimension to your board meetings, making them more dynamic and engaging. This feature offers an ongoing flow of information, keeping you continuously updated on the market, competition, and industry trends. 

All information is secure, ensuring the highest confidentiality for every organization you serve. It's not just about staying informed; it's about making more informed decisions, quickly and efficiently.

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Ignite Collaborative Excellence

In a world where information is power, our suite of features empowers your board to function more cohesively and make strategic decisions with confidence. Each tool is designed to ignite collaborative excellence, allowing for seamless interaction, easy access to essential data, and enriched discussion among board members.

Access to Board History

View & Read Latest News

Share Documents

Share Insightful Links

Start an open or private discussion

Start a poll

govrn document sharing

Connectivity through Document Sharing

Embrace the power of shared knowledge with our easy document sharing feature. 

Ensure that all crucial documents are just a few clicks away for every member, enhancing transparency and expediting decision-making processes.

Privacy Ensured with Confidential Chats

Navigate sensitive discussions with grace and discretion with our private chat feature.

 Engage in one-on-one discussions securely, managing confidential matters effectively and efficiently

govrn polls

Harness Collective Wisdom with Polls

Optimize decision-making by leveraging the collective insights of your board members. Our poll feature enables you to collect, display, and analyze responses all within the same platform, valuing everyone's input.

A Journey through Time with Board History Access

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your board's progress by revisiting past decisions and discussions. 

Our Board History feature provides you with an insightful overview of your organization's evolution, proving invaluable for strategic planning and future growth.

mobile board history access feature

Boost Your Board's Decision-Making with Govrn

Govrn merges top-tier security with inventive functionalities crafted to amplify your board's efficiency. Embark on your journey with Govrn and uncover unmatched security, insights, and productivity.

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