A single source of truth.

Board document management library . 

 With our document management, your board is continuously up to date with the latest versions of the confidential documentation and materials. They have access to the most accurate and relevant information of your board of directors.

In a few clicks, administrators & chair committees can upload new documents and information easily, and request action or e-signature from their board and committee members.

Stop sending confidential documentation by email or by mail and start digitalizing the most important asset of your organization by centralizing it on Govrn.


Access and review the documents shared with the board

See the different versions of the documents

Powerful search engine 

Access to the latest version

Request board information

Stay connected at all times

Store legal documents in dedicated folders

Upload and modify the version of each document

Follow the different modifications and updates on each document

Start a discussion with the rest of the board about some specific documents

Interact with board members 

Annotate, highlight the documents online

E-sign the documents