Any board document securely stored.

Customized Board document repository. 

Productivity is key to a company’s success. A board document management system efficiently and securely organizes the board company’s files. As a result, the directors can worry less about maintaining documents and focus on tasks that matter most. When you know all your files are stored securely, the peace of mind works as fuel for good governance.

Keep its crucial and mission-critical data protected. You can store sensitive documents and control access to these files. It becomes highly traceable, and its audit trails can be used later if necessary.

Search and file retrieval can be a time-consuming process. Using a powerful search engine, you can quickly locate the file you want and save valuable time. A cognitive search lets you search files based on name, metadata, and content using high-end technology. 


Access and review the documents shared with the board

Customize your file types

Powerful search engine 

Access to the latest version

Stay connected at all times

Store legal documents in dedicated folders

Upload and modify the version of each document

Preview mode

Start a discussion with the directors about some specific documents

Easy & Secure downloads

Annotate, highlight the documents online

E-sign the documents