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Board Management Best Practices

Tips about board management best practices

Writing and constructing a board agenda is fundamental to an effective and coherent board or committee, but there are some mistakes you should not make...
Prepare your agenda with your chairperson. It is the chairperson's responsibility to lead the CEO in this task. Make your agenda participatory and collective while moderating the topics. Once you have structured your agenda, keep the structure the same and sometimes add resolutions.

Writing the minutes of a board meeting can sometimes be burdensome and time-consuming. Especially when you have to write them, get them approved and share them with the board members. 
Always be as concise as possible when writing your official minutes. Don't go into too much detail about all the interactions of the various board members during the meeting. Why not? Because you don't want your future buyer, in the course of an acquisition or sale, to dwell on details that don't really matter at this stage of the business. Keep it simple and concise while respecting the company governance.

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