Developing Board capabilities & injecting Intelligence.

From Governance priorities to effortless Collaboration, we have the right solutions for you.

Board News Feed

 Stay tuned with the context & reality of the market

  • Never miss the board updates & important news
  • Share valuable information easily at any time
  • Quickly catch up with your peers and interact with them
  • Always get the latest version of a document
  • Request certified e-signature online fast  
  • Jump from one board portal to the other in a simple click
  • Navigate through company context effortless
  • Start a private discussion with the right Board member


Board Intelligence Feeds

Push Mode

Get notified about competitive insights & markets trends in real-time.

Customize your automated Board news feed with valuable market data. 

Pull Mode 

Explore extensive market data & navigate through your company’s strategic data.

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Board Effectiveness

 Promote a forward-looking agenda beyond fiduciary

Document Management

Govrn® Document secured depository is your single source of truth. Upload your most confidential documents inside Govrn & keep them up to date for the Board of Directors ! 

Certified E-Signature

  Govrn ®  Sign is a fast and convenient way to send, sign and approve documents. Share the documents with the Board & request their signatures online, secured and certified. No more paper ! 

Privacy & Security

Messages on Govrn®  are end-to-end encrypted, meaning they are scrambled when they leave the sender's device. The messages can be decrypted by the recipient's device only, in full privacy to senders & receivers. Privacy & Security

Video Conference

Do not change your habits. Use your favorite video conferencing providers. Integrate your Zoom, Teams or Google Video link to your Board calendar invite seamless.

Effortless Agenda

Create, submit and build your Board agenda with Govrn®.  No multiple emails anymore & attach the right documents to the right events !

Minutes Management

Easily generate actionable minutes. Complete archive of your board & meetings is always available. With agenda driven templates, it seamlessly integrates into your meeting workflow.

Cap Table 

Effortless reliance on the latest versions.

Board Collaboration

Proactively foster relationships beyond the meeting

Board News Feed

Stay tuned with the context and never miss a board update. Share the right information to the right Board members !

Secure Messenger w/ disappearing mode

 Discuss with any Govrn® user, one-to-one or one-to-many in a fully secured & confidential way. Share news & information only to some members or to all !

Board Directory

Govrn ® helps you manage a large community of Board directors. Manage your own Board, keep it updated, elect new Board of Directors & revoke some of them.

Voting & Polling

Enough of endless and inefficient email exchanges? Get immediate feedback on board matters by asking the right questions to your Board without waiting for the next meeting.

Secure APIs

Govrn® connects to any governance software's. Due diligence, acquisitions, fund raisings. Only legal data is shared.

Board Capabilities

Develop smart board capabilities.

Market Intelligence Feeds 

Get notified about competitive insights & Markets trends in real-time with our AI Smart Data integration.

Multiple Boards 

Member of different Boards ? No Problem ! Govrn® allows you to access all your Boards in one single user-friendly workspace totally secured.

Personal Workspace

Your personal workspace & documents library that you keep in "your pocket" fully secured and up to date !

Board Performance

Govrn®  KPIs & NPS (Net Promoter Score) lets you evaluate your proactivity ratio & decision capabilities within your Board members.

Talk to a Govrn® expert 

A Govrn® expert is at your disposal to answer any governance questions you may have to become more efficient before, during & after your Board meetings.

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