Govrn Powerful Capabilities

Our features unfold in three transformative pillars: 

  1. Board Effectiveness
  2. Board Collaboration
  3.  Board Capabilities 

This is your exclusive gateway into the powerhouse features of our innovative platform, meticulously crafted to revolutionize your board operations. 

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Board Effectiveness

Empower Your Meetings

This pillar is the cornerstone of a high-functioning board. 

With features like document management, agenda builder, e-signature, minute builder, document annotation, multi-board access, and two-factor authentication, Govrn transforms the tedious tasks of board management into a seamless experience. 

Streamline your board processes, keep your crucial documents organized, and take your productivity to new heights even when you're offline.

Agenda builder

Craft detailed, professional meeting agendas effortlessly.

Document Management

Easily organize, store, and retrieve crucial documents.

Minutes Builder

Generate comprehensive minutes at the end of each event.


Sign documents digitally, eliminating the need for physical paperwork.

Document Annotation

Take notes and share comments on documents for clearer communication.

Multi-Board Access

Seamlessly manage multiple boards or departments from a single platform.

Board Collaboration

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate

Board Collaboration focuses on the human aspect of board management. 

Utilizing features like a news feed, private chat, voting & polling, board directory, roles management, secure APIs, and a task manager, Govrn fosters an environment of collaboration and ensures everyone stays on the same page. 

Connect with your team members, cast votes, manage roles, and keep track of tasks effortlessly with Govrn.

Board Directory

Keep contact information and roles of all board members at your fingertips.

News feed

Stay updated with the latest developments and updates.

Private Chat

Communicate privately with other board members.

Roles Management

Assign and manage roles and responsibilities efficiently.

Secure API's

Safely integrate with other software tools your board uses.

Task Manager

Track the progress of tasks and projects effectively.

Board Capabilities

Unleash Your Board's Potential

Board Capabilities is all about harnessing the full potential of your board. 

With the help of market intelligence feeds, a knowledge center, board repository, board evaluation, board engagement tools, and board e-learning, Govrn ensures your board stays informed, engaged, and capable. 

Get the latest market insights, access a vast repository of knowledge, engage with your board members, and never stop learning with Govrn.

Board Engagement

Measure and improve the involvement of board members.

Board Evaluation

Regularly assess and enhance the performance and effectiveness of your board.

Board repository

Store all your board's documents and resources in one place.

Knowledge center

A repository of resources for continuous learning and development.

Market Intelligence Feeds

Stay ahead with automated insights about your market.

Vote & Poll

Make collective decisions quickly and transparently.