About Govrn

In the world where governance and decision-making form the backbone of every successful organization, Govrn steps in to redefine the standards of excellence. 

Our mission is to empower and elevate board functionalities, enabling every organization to leave a distinctive mark on the world.

Our Purpose

Each decision taken by a board has the power to shape the future of an organization. Despite this, traditional and outdated systems often curb the full potential of these decisions. Govrn exists to rectify this. 

Our innovative solutions prioritize seamless coordination, effective communication, and strategic collaboration. This empowers boards to focus on their vision and ambitions, enriching the organizations they govern.

Our Vision for the Future

Govrn is at the forefront of reshaping board management, leading the way in designing Intelligent Board Experiences. We recognize the intricacies of board meetings and address challenges in preparation, agenda setting, and board composition. 

By leveraging data and learning, we assist organizations in building high-performing boards that yield well-informed directors, focused agendas, and enhanced engagement. With Govrn, embrace the future of board management where innovative solutions foster exceptional outcomes.

Our Approach

At Govrn, we believe in the power of foresight, simplicity, and collaboration. Our proactive problem-solving approach, streamlined decision-making process, and strong advocacy for collaboration together form the foundation of our strategy. We're dedicated to making the path smoother for boards and leadership teams as they navigate through the complexities of governance and decision-making.

Problem Solving

We anticipate challenges faced by boards and leadership teams, collaborating closely to meet their evolving needs.

Decision-Making Accelerated

We streamline the decision-making process, removing hurdles and complexities for well-informed and effective decisions.

Championning Collaboration

We advocate for a more collaborative world, leveraging technology and forward-thinking strategies to unlock the full potential of organizations.

Our Founding Team

Xavier Pansaers, an expert in business strategy and digital transformation, has guided our growth through his deep understanding of organizational dynamics and his ability to anticipate industry trends. His dedication to pioneering solutions and adaptive strategies forms the foundation of Govrn's ambitious vision.

Alongside him, Jean-Louis Van Houwe, a luminary in digital banking and fintech, provides the solid technological backbone upon which Govrn stands. He envisions a world where digital transformation simplifies and enhances governance, making it more effective and efficient. His expertise in crafting secure, user-friendly digital solutions is the force behind Govrn's state-of-the-art offerings.

The Board of Directors

Olivier de Puymorin


French serial entrepreneur with 40+ years of experience, Olivier have launched, scaled & sold many ICT companies. The very last is  Arkadin  (1000+ employees) sold to NTT Domoco

Xavier Pansaers


Xavier is board director of different tech companies in which he is hosting different practices like pricing, growth & fund raising strategies.

Jean-Louis Van Houwe

Board Director

Jean-Louis loves taking on new challenges. With his multi-year experience as Monizze Founder & CEO, Jean-Louis has helped the company to get where it is today. Jean-Louis is among the best minds.

Jean-Baptiste Escoyez

Board Director

Jean-Baptiste holds a Master of Science in Computer Engineering. He mainly focus on the product and technical side of the ventures. He recently served as CTO at Prospect.io. He is now CEO at Flexio, a tool that automates paperwork for entrepreneurs.

Alexis Cornu-Thenard

Board Director

With 20 years as Group CFO for rapidly growing SaaS, Tech, and Telecom companies like Arkadin and Exlinea, Alexis has extensive international experience, notably in London, Paris, NYC, and Hong Kong. He played a key role in global expansion and governance setup. He's an alumnus of Sup de Co Amiens Business School in France.

Our offices

blue flag on pole near building during daytime
Govrn Belgium - Brussels (HQ)

18, Avenue Roger Vandendriessche 1150 Brussels - Belgium

Brussels is the heart of the European corporate governance & International affairs and is hosting the largest community of experts in governance technology and regulation technology.

eiffel tower in paris during sunset
Govrn France - Paris 

66, Rue de Miromesnil 75008 Paris - France

Paris is one of the largest cities in Europe hosting some of the largest global companies where decisions are made daily by their Boards & Compliance Teams of Experts.

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